EP ‘Am I’ out NOW!

Audile released their EP ‘Am I’ in November 2015. The EP contains seven tracks including a collaboration song with the Cloud 9 singer-songwriter Robin Vane. The production varies from big room trance to commercial electro-house, offering a fresh perspective to the trio’s current state.

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Future collaborations

The highlight of Christian youth events in Finland, Maata Näkyvissä Festival, has Audile headline for the third time in a row. This year, Audile plays in the same concert with one of the national celebrities, Juha Tapio. Transform DJs, the foreign headliner of the year, is joining Audile in Helsinki to plan future collaborations before heading to the festival.

Performances abroad

Audile has performed around the Europe. So far, the trio has played in The Netherlands (Flavor Festival), Germany (Kirchentag, Stuttgart) and Sweden. Additionally, Audile has performed twice in the USA at an underground club event.